The Founder:

Hi, I’m Robert Olinger, the founder of Achieve More Coach (formerly ME3 Coaching). I’ve combined a drive for achievement, enjoyment of individual coaching, and small group facilitation skills to pursue my next mission: Connecting people with information to Achieve More. Providing process improvement services is one strategy for achieving my mission (teaching applied business courses at various colleges is another).

In my youth, I was taught to leave things better than I found them, and this carried into my professional life. I have worked to improve the workspace, processes, and procedures in every position I’ve served, leaving behind an operations manual or continuity plan and lessons learned. I have utilized opportunities afforded by my connection with the State of Iowa Executive Branch to develop my skills as a Lean facilitator and trainer. Using my understanding of Lean, I was able to manage a military unit to reach national recognition by achieving the Superior Unit Award.


Having core values to guide decisions and actions is important. These are my core values.

Achievement (North star) – having a vision of the future, setting goals, developing action plans, executing and adjusting along the way to achieve the vision.

Continuous Learning – the world is full of knowledge; the more knowledge I gain, the more capable I become; information without application does not make knowledge; knowledge gained but not shared, is wasted.

Thrift & Generosity – do not waste resources (money, time, energy) on things that do not add value, but give resources willingly when others are in need and I am able.

Fairness – be free of favoritism and prejudice in decisions and actions.

Integrity (the foundation) – words must be truthful, and actions must align with words.

Core beliefs about organizations and management:

Leave it better than you found it. – This includes our organizations, industries, communities, and this Nation.

Don’t let “best” get in the way of better. – A good plan executed today, is better than the perfect plan executed too late.

Best principles are better than best practices. – There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Managers don’t want to be bad; they work in sub-optimal systems.

Calm on the inside to endure chaos on the outside. – The world is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA); steadiness inside the organization is important. 

Eliminating waste is a great way to simplify work and improve systems. – Deciding who matters, and what matters to them, can help us eliminate wasted effort and resources.

Lean is not about reducing headcount, it is about increasing each person’s capacity to take better care of the current customers, or serve more customers.

Contact me to discuss your opportunity to Achieve More. Send a message to robert.olinger@achievemorecoach.com or call (641) 954-1926.

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