About Achieve More Coach


I’m Robert Olinger, the founder and principal coach at Achieve More Coach.

I launched Achieve More Coach in July, 2017 because I saw a gap in support for small business owners, between the start-up stage and the $1M revenue stage. In 2019, I became a Fix This Next Certified Advisor to provide enhanced service to clients. Fix This Next is the premier method of evaluating businesses, identifying the vital need, and developing improvement plans. You can learn more about Fix This Next here.

I have 20 years’ experience managing organizations and leading teams to win local, regional, and national awards. The core of my success is assessing and analyzing the current situation, identifying the high-payoff changes, developing plans, and leading implementation. Now, I leverage this experience and skill coaching business owners and self-employed professionals to Achieve More.

My life of service has shaped my values. Having values to guide our actions is important. Sharing our values with others helps them gain insight into who we are as people, and in business. These are my core values:

Improvement (North star) – In my youth, I was taught to “leave it better than you found it”. This lesson carried into my professional life. I do my best to leave every organization, team, and business better than I found it.

Learning – I am a lifelong learner. The more knowledge I gain, the more I can help others improve. Knowledge gained but not shared, is wasted.

Thrift & Generosity – I strive to not waste resources (money, time, energy) on things that do not add value, but I give resources willingly when others are in need and I am able.

Let’s discuss your opportunity to Achieve More. Call or text (641) 954-1926 or send a message to robert.olinger@achievemorecoach.com.



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